ran off the road by another truck who tookoff

by charlene
(inez ky)

My family member & i was ran off the road by another truck who takingoff once they seen we totaled my truck which was in my name alone with my auto policy being in my name , can i sue my policy ? The other truck never came in contact with my mine. Please help. I did have full coverage..and inc.company declared the wreck a no fault

Hi there, Michelle here...

Well your situation is a bit unclear to me, I will do my best.

This is what I understand: you were involved in what we call a hit and run, another driver was responsible for your wreck.

Your insurance company is paying to fix your truck, I think from what you said?

Declaring the situation no fault should not alter your ability to have your truck repaired and your medical taken care of. So, if the insurance company is doing all that for you, there is no one to sue, and no reason to sue.

IF you have full coverage AND the insurance company is NOT fixing your truck and covering your medical, then yes you do have a problem with your insurance company which you will need help with.

Because I do not completely understand your question, I can't tell if you did get your truck and medical paid for or not, the best way I can help you is to have you speak to a lawyer.

Click this link, fill out the form on the page, its free, you have no obligation to do anything. But it gives you a chance to talk to a lawyer and ask them if they can help you, and you will be able to spend more time explaining the entire situation to them. Here is the link, Talk to a lawyer in KY.

I hope that helps. M.

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