Rear ended at a light at a dead stop

by Shirl
(Sparks,NV USA)

I was in the left hand turning lane waiting for the green arrow when all of a sudden my car was hit by a Dodge Ram 1500 series truck on the right rear end side of my car.
He was going so fast he ended up going a half a block on three wheels, his drivers side front tire and wheel were in the road in front of my car. I was mad and upset because my car was a mess, they told me it was totalled.
It's been three days and I can turn my head and back and it feels sore and burns a little bit, but not bad. Do you think I will be ok?? I have not been to the Doctor yet because even though he has medical everyone wants me to pay for treatment upfront. What do you think?

Hi there, Michelle here...

So sorry to hear about your accident. Sounds like a huge impact and quite scary.

So, yes most importantly I absolutely think it is more than likely that in you will be fine, and will be able to return to a pain free life.

But, I don’t have enough information to make a true opinion, this is what I think you need to do now. GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. Immediately, right now, today please!

I want you to go to your doctor for a number of reasons:

1. There is no way for you to know if you have a more serious injury than just muscle pain, your symptoms are not enough for you to make that evaluation.

2. If there is an underlying injury from the accident, say joint, nerve or other injury to your body, you doctor can find this during her/his evaluation of your body. Your doctor will take x-rays, and may want other tests to make sure she/he is getting the correct diagnosis.

3. When you decide to settle with the at fault drivers insurance, which will not be soon, you will stand on a stronger position if you have documentation of your injuries from a medical professional.

4. Cost. This is a real concern for most folks in an accident. Have you explored the following?

a. Did you call your insurance and do you have PIP? IF you have PIP your insurance will pay for your injuries as you treat, and collect the amount back from the other drivers insurance when you close the claim.

b. Do you have health insurance that can cover the cost of your treatments?

c. You need an attorney, right now. An attorney will often work with providers who will treat a patient who does not have PIP until the attorney settles. The attorney will make a promise to pay with the medical providers, and the medical providers will know they will get paid.
d. On my site, on your state page (click link here) there is a form you can fill out for an attorney to contact you.

There is NO obligation to you to hire an attorney, no cost to fill in the form, it simply will give you a sense about your case. Sometimes just having a conversation with an attorney can help you know how to proceed.

This was a big accident, and I think your case should have an attorney to protect you.

Finally, do some at home remedies: ice ice ice ice...if it hurt use ice. Rest a lot. Lay down, don’t go to the gym, no running, rest means rest. Your neck is injured, and I am guessing you will find you have pain in other areas of your body in the next 10 days or so. Its very common for injuries to take up to 2 weeks to completely show up.

This page is all about things you can do at home. Home Treatment Hope it helps.

You can use the comments section to let me know how you are doing....

Best Regards, M.

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