Rear Ended Feeling Horrible

by Anoynomous

I was rear-ended four days ago, I was stopped and the person was driving around 30 mpg. I have whiplash and have been to a chiropractor. Today I woke up with a low grade fever, headache (still), dizziness and nausea. And so very tired. Is this just more whiplash symptoms coming on late, or does this suggest mild concussion? Apparently my blood pressure is high now, and as of a week ago, and my entire life, it's been low. Is that related? Thanks for listening. I never expected to feel worse later.

Hi there, M. here

Sorry about your accident! A driver going 30 while you are at a dead stop is a BIG accident! Your symptoms are too complex to diagnosis on a website... with a fever, nausea and high blood pressure it is time to go see your doctor asap.

There are many things that could cause these symptoms, and all need to be checked by your doctor.

Also, I am sure your chiropractor told you, but one treatment will not be enough to help you feel better...multiple treatments for a period of time are what will make you feel better.

So, go to your medical doctor, get the fever and such looked at immediately. After you find out what is causing this, please then go back to the chiropractor and start a consistent treatment plan.

Hope this helps. Please also consider talking to an attorney, this accident was big, and I think there will be a few days yet before all the symptoms show up...

This page can walk you through some of them, and there is a form right on the page to connect you with an attorney:

Best Regards, M.

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Nov 11, 2015
Education NEW
by: James N. Strait

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Jun 29, 2013
Two accidents now NEW
by: Anonymous

So, to follow up with January 22 when I was rear-ended at a stop light... I was finally on my way to feeling better when May 2 I was rear-ended again. I was stopped on a road waiting to turn left. The guy behind me was going 35 and dropped his phone. By the time he picked up his phone, he couldn't stop and ran into me with his Pontiac Grand Am. It folded his hood up to the windshield.

Immediately I felt like I was going to throw up. I was so disoriented that I had to look at the street sign to know where I was. I was two blocks away from my house. I called my husband and had him come, and call the police, because I felt so sick I didn't think I was going to be able to do it.

After a fiasco with my chiropractor a week after the second accident, I had to leave him. He wouldn't show me the bills or my xrays. But I did have a medical doctor from before with my first accident. He started me on some physical therapy and continued with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds.

But there was more going on after the second accident. Along with the sick, dizzy, headache, back ache stuff, my shoulder was giving me trouble. After three weeks of therapy on it, I'm now waiting for the follow up visit to find out if I in fact tore part of my rotator cuff. That's coming up in the next week.

Then, I did find a new chiropractor about two weeks ago and he seems to really know what he's doing. The good news is, I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

The down side is, I'm tired. All the time. I was told I had a concussion both for the first accident and now again for the second accident. My mind is not what it used to be. I forget things I should know (like my phone number). I hired a new attorney and am hoping that when the dust settles, he can sort all this out.

Any good advice would be welcome.

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