Rear ended

by Candie D.
(Spring Hill, TN)

My boyfriend and I were stopped at an intersection, waiting for others to turn so that we could, and a lady rear ended us going 45 mph. She totaled my boyfriends car and ended up hitting another car after rear ending us. I was taken to the emergency room for neck and lower back pain. I ended up riding in the same ambulance as her granddaughter, while she rode in the front seat. I still suffer from lower back pain and I have started to suffer leg pain and arm pain since the accident occurred. The police report clearly states that it was her fault. I'm not sure what exactly I should do regarding this situation and could use some advice.

Hi there, Michelle here...

This is a big accident, it's not surprising that you are in so much pain in so many areas of your body!

I am glad to hear you went to the emergency room, this was a good decision. So, now it is time to get some consistent treatment. I will give you a quick outline of what I would do, and send you to the pages which are will give you the most helpful for your issues!

Here we go:

1. You need to see a chiropractor right away. A good chiropractor will start with x-rays and a full evaluation of your injuries and start you on a treatment schedule. This evaluation will help you know right away where all the injuries are and how you can expect to get better.

2. You also need massage. Right away. A good chiropractor will make a referral to a massage therapist for you usually on your first visit. If the chiropractor does not mention this, ask directly. You cannot heal the various injuries you have without doing treating the injured muscles.

If the chiropractor does not agree with this and support muscle treatment, you are seeing the wrong chiropractor. Just ask for your x-rays, which your insurance has already paid for, and switch doctors.

3. You need an attorney. Right away. On each page of the site, there is a form you can fill out, takes a quick moment, and you will be in contact with a lawyer from your local area. This is essential.

Your accident is a serious one, with both a lot of vehicle damage and a lot of injury. These two things mean you need an experienced lawyer to make sure your treatment is completely paid for by the at fault insurance and that when it is all finished, you are properly compensated.

4. For at home pain, ice. Ice. Ice. Use ice where it hurts, use ice for about 15 minutes on, then take some time off and let your body warm back up. Ice is a huge pain reliever and will really help in between treatments. Add to that, rest frequently, your body is under a lot of stress as it trys to heal, so take time to rest a lot.

Ok - here are a few pages to give you more details and information on the outline from the above paragraphs...

info on injuries

info chiropractic

all about lawyers

Hope this helps!! Take care of yourself, please feel free to write back, use the comments section if you need more information.

Best regards, M.

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Sep 09, 2015
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by: custom essay writings

Hey! Candie D. you had a really horrible accident and am so sorry to read all of that. I guess you hurt really bad and the way Michele has given you these whole advices are really useful. This site and this person are doing great with so much information on accident injuries. You should go to a doctor and have your full X-Ray and check up, maybe it's because of some muscles of yours got so much stretched.

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