Side impact

by Donna

On Friday I got hit on drivers side wasn't my fault ambulance came said I had head injury n whip lash I refused go host as my children were there but ok later on my mum took me hospital said I had whiplash n head injury gave leaflets it's Sunday mgr the first pain I felt was my right side did tell ambulance n host this nxt was my head today I am in agony yest was not there in my mind felt so sore n tired n confused my right side is really bad started from dinnertime heads still dizzy I've been sick I can't get warm shivering when I pass urine there's like cloudy stuff I feel poorly can't move m neck got pains goin down my shoulders n arms I know what I'm saying n doing but don't feel here pain nr my ears n nose it's not headache though I'm going back hospital in morning

Hi there, Michelle here...

You have had a very serious injury. The pain and disorientation are very real and are part of the head injury and impact from the accident.

I think you need to go back to the hospital. Your pain sounds out of control for trying to manage at home. The hospital can evaluate your injury and perhaps prescribe a better pain reliever.

Some meds can make you very disoriented, and can make you feel fuzzy headed. If you are already on a medication/pain pill check with the side effects or ask your pharmacist about the side effects to find out if you are feeling worse from those.

But, a car accident is a big deal to your body. Feeling cold, and tired, and out of it are actually quite normal, but you also have a head injury.

Please go back to the hospital and have them help you out.

Good luck, M.

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