Somebody reversed into me

by scared and helpless

I stopped on the road. When i noticed this diesel truck in front of me with his brake lights on. Then all of a sudden he reversed into me.
My doc says i have myofacial strain, it has been seven months. i am not getting better, getting worse. my neck hurts constantly, my shoulder, upper back, right arm falls asleep, my left leg and occasionally right leg falls asleep.
Weakness in my right arm,never get a good night sleep, and actually whole right side feels weak. tired all the time, depressed.
I used to work full time on the engine line, and now my lower back, i have problems with memory, headaches and concentration. bi=laterally i cant see. licence was taken away.
i have night mares and sometimes talk ridiculous, i fell like i dont know what is going on anymore. i had P.T. for a while and was recommended hydro therapy. insurance denied me. I have seen two neorologists that say the same as family doc. Now family doc is saying fibromyalgia from accident maybe. referral to a rheumatologist he says, and back specialist.
i have only had an x-ray of my c spine. no mri or cat scan of my neck and back, just of my head. i am so confused and need answers, they say it was a low impact crash, so why am i so hurt. my truck had fifteen hundred dollars in damage. the guy was drunk, reversed into my suv fast.
i mean i was at least three car lengths back when he hit me, and pushed my suv five more feet, before he realized he even hit me. please help.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Thanks for writing. I am a bit confused by your letter. .. let me explain... you said you saw your doctor and he said you were injured, but then you were denied by your insurance for treatment. Then you had additional evaluations, and referrals to different specialists?

So I can’t sort it out. Here is what to do: Call a personal injury attorney in your local area and ask the attorney to take your case. The attorney will help you sort out all the details, including what treatment will best assist your situation and how to get that treatment covered by the at-fault insurance.

I can’t figure out what license you lost, how that relates or why you lost it. But, your case is too complicated for a website to sort out.

You need the help an attorney can provide.

Best Regards, M.

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Oct 13, 2015
Somebody reversed into me NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 18, 2012
Been there
by: Anonymous

I understand what this person is trying to say, the insurance company is trying to confuse this person. I hope for the best.

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