Symptoms 8 months after the car accident

by Jim
(Newburgh, NY)

I was in a car accident on January 6, and i now have shortness of breath and headaches. I was rear ended on a stopped traffic. My car was not totaled but damages were almost $7,000 to repair. The party-at fault insurance paid for the repair and i have an attorney for my case.

I did not go to the hospital as i was confused and was treated on the scene. I started having lower back and neck pain 4 days later. I visited my medical doctor who gave me medication and recommended me for chiropractor and than physical therapy while i continued working. I have an office job and it was not a problem at first, but i could not take the pain any longer and stopped working couple of months later. All the bills are being covered by no-fault insurance.

I have been treated with both chiropractor and PT since the accident. I also had and MRI and X-ray done. The X-ray showed nothing broken, but the MRI showed disc desiccation at L2-L3, L4-L5 and L5-S1 with disc bulge. C4-C5, C5-6, C6-7 show minimal subligamentous herniation.

The Neurologist sent me to a pain management doctor as the pain is increasing. I just received my first hypodermic needle, but for the past 2 weeks or sow i have been experiencing headaches and shortness of breath. I never had these kind of symptoms. Is this normal?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Hi Jim, NO your symptoms are not normal. Please call your doctor immediately. If the shortness of breath happened after you received a shot, then whomever gave you the shot is who you need to call.

It sounds like you are having a reaction to a medication. But there are other things that can cause shortness of breath. IF you had shortness of breath BEFORE the shot, then call your medical doctor. But whomever you call, please do so immediately, right now, before you continue reading.

You need to be evaluated straight away. Right now. If the medication is not causing the shortness of breath, then something is and your doctors need to find it.

No question you were hit very hard. This is a big trauma and I am not surprised they are finding issues with the discs. I am glad to hear you have an attorney managing your case.

From the outside looking in, it looks like you are getting a lot of good care for your injury and this is important when an impact and injury after the impact is so big.

I am going to assume you are still in treatment with both the chiropractor and the physical therapist? If that is the case then:

I would say that you have only been treated since January, and for the level of impact that it sounds like you experienced I do not think it is out of the normal range for you to be still in pain today.

Disc issues in my experience go through acute phases where the disc causes a lot of pain and discomfort for the patient, and then over a period of 2-3 weeks, (different for all patients), generally the disc will calm down and slowly the pain will go away.

Often you will find you can go many months with no flare ups and then will have a short flare up that you will learn to control with treatment, ice and rest.

I think you might greatly benefit from seeing a Rolfer. Rolfers are the deepest of the deep therapists, they use their hands and can be greatly effective after a huge impact and can do a lot to ease the pressure on the bulging discs you are experiencing.

They will work on the muscle injuries which support your back, through this work as the muscles begin to change, pressure on the discs can start to shift, meaning, you have less pain.

I don’t know anyone in your area personally, but did find Rolfing, structural integration, in New Paltz, NY, not sure if that is close to you or not?

So, after you go back to the doctor and get the shortness of breath sorted, check out a Rolfer/Rolfing. You can also search this site, find a rolfer.

Best Regards, M.

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Nov 06, 2012
I hear you
by: Anonymous

Exactly the same happened to me. It has been 18 months and things have worsen for me.
I can tell u that the shortness of breath and the headaches could also be part of the injury -whiplash- you had. I also had the steroids and indeed they have side effects, avoid coffee and any other stimulants as they can rise your blood pressure.
the breathing problems could be due to nerve damage in your cervical spine, that is affecting your breathing, digestion and muscles in your neck, back and shoulders.
that happened to me.

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