T-bone accident ..not my fault..insurance offering $500

Thank you for reading my letter.
I was t-boned when another driver ran a red light. my car was totaled. I was going overseas the next day to begin a new job, so declined an ambulance.
I sought chiropractic treatment when i returned from my overseas job 3 months later.
i am expecting my chiropractor, massage therapy and acupuncture bills to be paid..around $3000.
the insurance company (the other driver's) is offering $500.
They did give me a check for my totaled car.
How should I proceed to ensure payment for my medical bills?
Thank you so much..

Houston, TX

Hi LeAnne, Michelle here...

Thanks for including so much information, it's helpful for my reply.

The amount of money the insurance gave you for your car is considered a property settlement, and is handled by a completely different department than the injury claim. The fact that your car was totaled will work in your favor as you proceed with settlement.

The injury adjuster will work hard to make sure they offer you the least amount of money possible to get you to sign off on any future claims against them.

The at fault insurance company is likely giving you a low ball number hoping you are not educating yourself... and the adjuster is likely going to give you a hard time because you left the next day, even though obviously the trip had been planned for sometime... adjusters is always looking for a way to make you feel that your claim is worth less...

Simply by writing in, its obvious you know that their offer is ridiculous. First thing, you need to see an attorney. Usually good chiropractors have relationships with attorneys and can recommend one for you.

I prefer to have two or three attorneys to start with, so I can have some comparison. Call the attorney up, explain you were t-boned, there is an at fault driver and you are thinking you need to be represented.

The attorney will either have you come in for a free consultation, or they will do the consultation right there on the phone. The attorney will ask you basic questions about your damage to your car, what your injury looked like, how much care you received etc...

Then the attorney will normally give you their assessment as to whether or not they can help you with your case. This call/first meeting is free! When they are assessing your case the attorney will tell you whether or not they can help you receive more for your accident than you could negotiate yourself. Ask them straight out how much they think your claim is worth AND how much of the settlement they negotiate they will themselves receive.

Say the attorney thinks your case is worth a $10,000.00 settlement, (the attorney will be simply giving it their best guess, of course at this stage), then the attorney will need to take their payment out of this settlement, which will likely be $3000.00, leaving you with $7,000.00. If the numbers they give you are better than you think you can do yourself, then you will know it is worth working with them.

A good attorney will also tell you straight out that the case is not worth it, and that you would be better served from solving it yourself. If this is the case, then I recommend you buy this e-book and get familiar with how best to proceed.

You will find it towards the bottom of this page, the link is called How To Settle Your Own Claim.

Much luck, you can post a comment to this page if you have an additional question... hope this helps get you on the right course to reaching a good settlement!!

Best Regards, M.

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Sep 09, 2017
Treble NEW
by: Anonymous

I was tboned by a car that fell to yield.me and my 3year old son.the other car was giving a ticket for being at fault,my back passage door and frame were damaged,son went to hospital in ambulance but was okay,he has insurance.i attended chiropractor 5 times.how much do you think my case is worth,with me and my minor child

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