the injured does not have health Insurance

by Denise

I was in mild car accident with little damage to my car but i was jolted very hard and felt pain immediately. This is the 3rd day and getting worse. I have not seen a Dr. due to a lack of health coverage. Will his car ins send me for an exam? Or what should i do? His ins left me a msg. Today notifying me that a claims adjuster will b in contact with me soon. First time ever injured in a car accident. Please advise. Thank you

Hi there, Michelle here...

The good news is you do not have to have health insurance to be treated after a car accident! There are a few things to do: start by calling your OWN car insurance. And report the accident and find out if you have Personal Injury Protection on your own coverage.

IF you have this coverage, called PIP, your own insurance will pay for your medical bills and then collect what is owed for those bills from the company of the driver who hit you...

If you do not have PIP, you can still get treatment. But before you call back the adjuster from the other company you need to talk to a lawyer.

The lawyer will help you to make sure you do not get stuck with any bills that are the responsibility of the driver who hit you. I am going to include a link for you to click, scroll down for it.

Talking to a lawyer will not cost you any money, the lawyer will be able to tell you in the first conversation, at no charge, what she or he can do for you. The number one thing that you need is medical attention, right now.

So, step one: call your insurance find out your coverage. Your rates will NOT go up for reporting the accident.

Step Two: fill out form on link and speak to a lawyer. This will be today.

Step Three: go get medical treatment.

You can do all of this on the phone (except the medical of course).

There are lots of helpful hints on this page as to what to do at home for pain, right now to feel better.
Get Help From a Lawyer and Home Remedies for Pain Relief

Hope this helps! Take care, M.

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