Treatment For Back Pain

Your treatment for back pain can start as soon as the next day after your car accident. Has it been a couple weeks since the accident, and all of a sudden you are in alot of pain? You may have been taken by surprise by how much everything now hurts?

It is actually quite common for pain and injuries after a car accident to show up days and sometimes even a few weeks after the accident. If you are experiencing pain you think may have been casued by a recent accident, don't hesitate to see your doctor and get a claim opened for this accident.

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When you are looking for treatment for your back pain, you are looking to make the pain stop. Before we go any further, you need to see your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Excruciating pain anywhere- if you are experiencing this type of pain, you need medical help
  • Trouble breathing, or taking a deep breath
  • Pain while going to the bathroom
  • Numbness or tingling anywhere that doesn't go away if you wait for a moment or two

Getting The Help You Need: Treatment

Ok, so now we need to figure out how to get you out of pain as fast as possible. There are two fast and efficient treatments for getting out of pain after a car accident, Massage therapy, and Chiropractic Therapy.

Both treatments address the majority of issues your body is experiencing, muscle sprain, strains and pressure on your joints and nerves. Massage therapy can bring very quick pain relief, speeds the healing process in your muscles and other injured tissues allowing you to heal faster. Learn More About Massage Here.


Chiropractic therapy works as a treatment for back pain, through spinal adjustments, which take the pressure off the joints of your spine. As the joints have less pressure upon them, the nerves will also begin to calm down, meaning you will experience less pain.

Chiropractic is a very important addition to your health care treatment for back pain after a car accident. Learn More About Chiropractic Therapy Here.

Solutions For Pain Relief At Home

If you are reading this and you are in pain, of course there are things you can do right now, at home, or at your office to help you reduce some of the pain you are experiencing. I have put together what I think are the best at home solutions for pain relief click here for home remedies, half way down this page.

Sometimes getting your pain under control, even for a few minutes can really help you sort out what steps to take next.

Back Pain Myths

Myth One: you did not have damage to your car, so how can you have back pain? This is likely the number one myth plaguing patients today. Here is something you might not know. Bumpers on most of our cars these days were designed to tolerate some impacts without damage. What the studies have been finding, is that although your car does not look damaged, the force of the other car hitting yours is now moving into your body, the bumper tolerates it, but the force still has to go somewhere, and you are where it goes.

So, do not allow damage to your car or LACK of damage in any way inform whether you are injured. If you need treatment for back pain after a car accident, your pain is real and you should get the help you need.

Myth two: I was wearing a seatbelt, how can I need treatment for back pain? Many patients over the years struggle with the idea that even though they were wearing their seat belt they still have significant back pain. You may have been told when you were learning to drive that a seat belt would protect you in a car accident.

Well, it does actually, the seat belt is designed to prevent you from being thrown against the steering wheel which caused tragic injuries in the past and it prevents you from being thrown out of the car.

However, when you are in your seatbelt, and you are in an accident, you are often thrown against the belt. The seat belt sort of acts like a brick wall, when the accident occurs you are thrown against it, it tightens, and your body keeps moving around it, causing shoulder injuries, bruising and damage where the seat belt tightened against your body, and whiplash symptoms as your neck was not restrained.

Myth Three: I had no pain right after the accident, I didn't have to go to the hospital, I can't be injured. Its normal for pain to take up to 10 days to show up after a car accident. For many patients this delay can cause confusion. I am sure when you have been injured before in your life, you had pain pretty quickly. After working with patients for the last 20 years I can tell you this is one of the most common myths after an accident.

Your pain and your injury are just as real as the person who went to the hospital in an ambulance after a car accident. Injuries in your muscles and ligaments and tendons for unknown reasons can take a long time to show up.

Myth Four: Pain after a car accident will not go away with advil or a little bit of rest. Unlike other injuries you may have experienced, most small accidents can take up to 3 months with steady treatment before your pain starts to change. Ibuprofen can make the day a little more tolerable, but it's not actually a medicine, and can not help your muscles heal and repair their injuries.

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Michelle was just in a car accident. 3/28/2013

I will be writing about my experience in real time, read along, or check in now and again. I will be posting about my pain treatments, and you can send questions about your own accident at any time for me to include.

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