Uninsured vehicle destroyed by insured vehicle

by erica
(flint michigan)

I was in a accident yesterdy. The guy ran the red light and totaled my car. He admits hr was at fault and told me he would take care of everything. Now im hearing that he is not obligated to reimburse mefor car damages and that I am responsible for any damages to my vehicle. When I woke up this morning my whole body was sore head is banging and my hip n lower back hurts. My daughter has a knot on her knee and her neck. My 3 year old was also in the car. What do I do from this point because I have,no vehicle now and we are in somewhat severe pain.

Hi there, Michelle here...

You need help, both medical and legal right now. Start with the legal help. I have never heard, nor read that an insured driver is not responsible for an accident if they hit an uninsured driver. Nope. That would not make sense to me, a driver is responsible period.

So, reach out to a lawyer right away, this can be done right on the site, here is a link: Do I need a Lawyer fill out the form, takes just a few minutes and a lawyer will call you right away.

Tell the lawyer what happened, and they will take it from there. Likely within the same day they will be able to help you set up medical care and get started getting out of pain.

Medical: start by going to your medical doctor, seeing them and having yourself and your children evaluated for injuries. Your doctor will check how seriously injured you and the children are and will help you start getting out of pain.

After you see your doctor, please go to a chiropractor next. You and your children will greatly benefit from some chiropractic care and will find this care helps your pain very very quickly.

In the meantime, use the ideas on this page to help you feel better and help you children feel a bit better too: Pain treatment just scroll down this page a little until you find the paragraph about treatment at home. These remedies really work and will help you and the children feel better right away.

You did not cause the accident, yes it would have been easier if you had insurance, but you didn't. That doesn't mean the guy who ran the red light is off the hook, you are not a bad person nor someone who has to be in pain because you couldn't afford insurance.

Get help right now from a lawyer!!!!

Best of luck! M.

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Oct 19, 2015
Lilly Lindeman NEW
by: Jessica Cornwall

Hey Erica, it's a really troubling situation. This is totally unfair. You do need a complete medical treatment and get the certificate of it for legal use and then yes, you can do things to make him pay. Why don't you try assignment help australia nsw-writers com? In which accidents are a big topic, if discussion. In which people share about their accidents and problems and discuss them in detail. You may get a very professional advice.

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