Very Serious Injury

by cerianne ryan

hi we were travelling on the m4 in our mercedes vito van in very poor weather conditions when a bloke in a bmw lost control of his car and skidded out of the fast lane into the path of me in the slow lane.
our van collided with the bmw knocking us off course into alot of posts then head on smacking into a tree we done a full 180 turn and was balancing with just 2 trees stopping our van from toppling, we had our 3 kids inside the van 1 aged 3 another aged 2 and 1 just turned 10 weeks, the 2 eldest has been having nightmares and very unsettled our 3 year old has been complaining of her back hurting.
we were all taken to a&e i had to receive an xRay on my right knee & i have damaged the tissue & i also have very bad neck pain.... my partner has also got very bad neck ach& he also experiencing lower back pain (like shooting pains) & hes also experiencing shortness of breath & chest pain.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Hi there, this is a really serious accident.

Before we get into what to do and how to do it, please send your partner back to the hospital right now. I am going to email you as well so you receive this message in two places.

Shortness of breath and chest pain can be caused by many very serious injuries, but are not normal and not part of the normal course of injuries after a car accident. Straight back to A&E please, insist he be seen, explain the symptoms, don’t take no for an answer. Please go now.

Ok, I know that was a little serious, and I am sorry to make you worried, so now lets talk about all the other pieces...

You and your children need to go to a chiropractor for the neck pain, it will help a lot. In the meantime before you make an appointment, ice on your painful places will help a lot. For such a little tyke ice might be a challenge to talk them into.

Try this...take a flannel run it under warm water, then squeeze it out so its not wet. Put the warm flannel on your little ones neck and then put the ice (bags of frozen peas work great) on their neck. They can lay on it if its easier.

About 15 minutes will be really helpful for pain, although for such young ones 15 minutes of laying still is like 2 hours for an adult, so maybe right before they fall asleep at night will work. Ice takes the pain down a lot and can really help.

Also, ice on the knee will help a lot, right away, sit with your whole leg resting on a couch or bed, small soft pillow under your knee, ice on knee. As often as you can for pain.

The other neck pain relief technique that really works is the towel technique. You roll up a bath towel long ways like a scarf. Put it around your neck so it supports your head, this takes the pressure out of your neck muscles and will reduce some of the pain right away.

The little ones, a tea towel may be plenty big, whatever you use for them it should look like their head is resting on top of the towel sort of. The towels job is to offer support and the head is really heavy so you will all feel less pain right away.

Ok, so also look for some arnica at the local apothecary or at a natural health store.

The arnica will be a gel and you can use it on the kids on your partner, on your knee, on the areas that hurt. The gel is very soothing, it’s a homeopathic and has no smell. I like it on neck pain right before bed as it can help you fall asleep if your neck isn’t so sore.

And finally, sleep is going to be rough for all of you for a bit. Nightmares are common, however your little one is very young and I am not experienced with this age group and nightmares. P

Please call your personal doctor and have a conversation with her or him about best ways to handle. It may be your little one needs to sleep with you for a few nights to start feeling secure again. But this is not sufficient to help as I am not experienced in this area. Your doctor should be able to help.

The pain your little one is having may be affecting things at night too, as often during sleep neck pain can get worse and maybe causing some disrupted sleep.

There is a lot going on in your household. If you can you should call on friends or family and have them come take care of you all for a week. You are all banged up and needing lots of TLC, and with your neck and knee pain, I can only imagine how you are managing with 3 little ones.

I am closing my eyes and picturing your extended family coming over right away and cooking, cleaning and filling ice bags for you all.

I hope this helps somewhat.

Feel free to write me again, or write a comment back on this page and I will also receive that.

Best Regards, M.

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Oct 20, 2015
Very Serious Injury NEW
by: Anonymous

Its always good to be safe when you are driving on the road but there are some chances when you have no time to prevent yourself. The same happened to you. It is good to get the best possible tests so that you will get the medical aid at the right time. superior papers are the best to help out the students so use it in your studies.

Oct 21, 2012
by: ceri

thanks for the comments back my partner has been checked out & they r not concerned about his chest, we all still have bad knecks n backs. im wondering what kind of compo we are looking at. the man has admitted it was his fault we were hit off the motor way,

iv been contacting by 2 insurance claim people and unsure of whom to go with.

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am so glad to hear your partner is ok! I would recommend you start with an attorney as this accident involves alot of injuries and young children who can't really speak for themselves so only an attorney will be able to figure out how to ask for compensation appropriately for them.

I would hold off on talking to anyone in insurance at all about compensation until you have spoken to an attorney, and until you are all out of pain, its so early in the injury, its too soon to know what other injuries could show up...

So insurance will want you to settle before you learn your rights.

Lots of luck!! Hope that helps! M.

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