What about hang glider accidents.

by fly over
(new mexico)

I bit the dust fracturing my humerus and knee, but that I can live with.

My head hurt and I tried cardio exercising but the pressure kept building up. I cannot drink lot of water without pain. My neck radiates, and I am sensitive to foods at times throwing up and feeling like death.

I know a smash to the head can bruise it inside, but it feels like the spinal column and lower brain stem are in trouble and that is where I feel the pain. The pressure is creating all kinds of secondary pain.

I have had whiplash, and this sucks. At times I really do just lay back thinking I would be better off dead. Now you might think this is a mood change, but I am not depressed. I even laugh at times about it, but when it hits my whole body feels like it is going into failure mode.

I am not going to a neurologist, but I would like to know more about details of actual effects and areas of the brain. I have a pretty good medical background, and I cannot find the answer. All the blogs like this just talk about pain, bruising, etc. They are not explaining the pinpoint mapping of the brain, pressure, long term damage, neurons, nodes, etc.

I would appreciate an answer but I will probably have to figure it out on my own.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Ok, I am going to take this on. If you were my patient I would tell you that you are being an idiot.

Blogs, websites and other web endeavors are not written by neurologists, and most are not managed by medical professionals.

Why would you want to diagnosis and be treated by someone who has never met you, can't see what your real injuries are, and who has not spent their every waking moment studying the fundamental process that is keeping you alive and kicking? (that would be your brain).

Spend as much time as you want trying to “map and figure out the nodes” but dude, you are wasting your time, your energy and you are not getting well.

If you are nauseous and feel like death from doing basic life processes, you need help. Not self help. Nope. Real live trained experienced been there, done that, seen that before kind of help.

You state you won’t see a neurologist. You are taking a foolish, uneducated “position”, kind of like a kid who won’t put his coat on during the middle of winter because he doesn’t want to, (foot stomping included).

You are making medical decisions, or attempting to make medical decisions with just enough information to cause yourself harm.

Ok, lecture over. You asked for my input.

If you are unwilling to see a neurologist, then take the time at least to see a chiropractor who specializes in upper cervical treatment only. This chiropractor will take extensive x-rays and will have A LOT to say about your symptoms.

The chiropractor specializes in the Atlas, if your atlas has been misaligned (very likely), you could have ALL of the symptoms you are describing.

So, do yourself a favor, get a real evaluation by a specialist. Sure it costs money, and maybe doesn’t feel beneficial to spend the money now.

But guess what, your self treatment isn’t working and you already feel like you want to exit, quit being a stubborn fool and get yourself some treatment.

Best Regards, M.

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