what should i do?

by Nadia

I was in a car crash last week. A guy hit my passenger said near front and my car ended up in the ditch. I was taken to A & E and they checked me over but never did any xrays. I told them had pain on my right side of my neck and a little pain in my back.

Over a week after the accident, I still have pain. But the pain is all over it does be in my collarbone, back of neck, shoulder, going up my neck to my jaw. And also in my right arm inside part of elbow or forearm. My arm sometimes feels like a dead weight and I can't even hold a glass of water to my mouth without feeling some sort of pain. I 've been back to my doc but am just told its bruised.

How do they know this without doing any tests. I hope you can help me.

Hi there, Michelle here...

This sounds like a serious accident, and you are not being listened to at your doctors office! I am sorry about that, unfortunately its very common and the person who was in the accident ends up feeling wretched and their pain never gets addressed.

So, lets do something for you! I want you to find a chiropractor. Immediately. It doesn’t matter what time it is when you get this, go online search for chiropractor and your city and then call one or two offices and if they are closed go ahead and leave them a message with your contact information.

Then you will be the first one they call when they open, and most of them will be able to get you in for an appointment same day.

And the chiropractor WILL take x-rays, it will be the first thing they do for you. The doctor will evaluate your x-rays with you and tell you what the best treatment plan is and how she or he is going to help you get better. Most of the chiropractors will be able to provide an adjustment for you the same day.

An adjustment will make a huge difference in how much pain you are in. You are more than bruised. You are injured. When you have whiplash it is normal to have a lot of pain, and weakness and fatigued. Whiplash is not bruising, its sprain and strain to muscles tendons and ligaments.

Further, during a serious accident your neck and back are injured in such a way that the bones put pressure onto the nerves causing pain, and weakness throughout your body.

You need treatment from a chiropractor. If there are any broken bones the chiropractor will find them.

I am surprised the A & E did not do an x-ray. However, one of the letters on the site is from a woman who went to the A & E and WAS x-rayed and the doctors missed a fracture. So, it happens that even with an X-ray that A & E can be so busy or in such a hurry things are missed. Your chiropractor will not miss things.

In the meantime, ICE. Rest. ICE. More Rest. Ready? Ice some more... Use some frozen peas or corn as they are easy to move around, and put these on your neck where things hurt. Leave ice on for about 15 minutes.

Also, use a towel to wrap around your neck, take a bath towel and roll it so its like a long scarf, put the towel around your neck.

The towel will offer your head some support, relieving the work on your neck muscles which are injured. This will help you feel a little less pain. It can really help.

Take care of yourself, lots of rest, go slow. Get treatment right away.

Best Regards, M.

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