When to See A Doctor?

by M. Orme

Di I need to go to a&e myself and my son had a car smash into us while we were parked, and both have neck pain, we have a solicitor dealing with it, but I'm taking painkillers and wondering if I should get it checked out, or will the solicitor send me to their doctor.

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear you were injured. I always recommend that all patients who have been in a car accident see their doctor. If you don't have a regular doctor you can make an appointment with, do go into A&E.

Although you are on painkillers, right now you have no medical records to show the insurance company that you were injured.

Your solicitor cannot tell your insurance company you are injured and on painkillers unless those meds were prescribed for your injury during this accident.

Documentation is very important for all car accident injuries. AND it is very important to always have a doctor look at you in case there are other injuries you don't know about, but might be discovered during the exam.

Your solicitor may know of a doctor, but doctors do not work for solicitors, so simply make an appointment with your regular doc or go to A&E.

Lots of luck, ice is very useful for this type of pain as well.

Best Regards, M.

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