Whip Lash pain can it go away and come back

by Tara
(Milledgeville ga)

I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light on 12/14/2012. I was diagnosed as having whip lash. I was stiff for about three weeks after. Then I felt no more pain or stiffness. Iwas out of work from 12/21/2012 ntil 1/2/2013 when I began a new job. since returning to the work force I have begun to experince neck pain and shoulder pain as well as pain from my shoulder to my fourth and fifth fingers on my right hand. Some days it is so bad that I have to take a muscle relaxer after work. Is this normal for this to happen? Or am I just experiencing normal strain from work, I sit at a desk looking down at documents all day and entering data.
Thanks, Tara

Hi there, Michelle here...

Hi there, thanks for writing. Yes! Is the simple answer. You have a very classic case of car accident injury. Your symptoms are absolutely consistent with having a neck or back injury, or both.

It is normal for work to make your pain worse, and to feel really tired and in pain after a normal day of working when you have whiplash.
You don’t mention any treatment. Time to get started, right away, as in this week. Being diagnosed is very different from being treated.

Without treatment, your pain will not change.
Start with chiropractic care right away. Most chiropractors have massage therapists they know and are able to refer you to. Massage will also make a huge difference in how you are feeling.

With both therapies started, you will very quickly find that you will not to have to take muscle relaxers after work as you will be feeling so much better. With the chiropractic care you will start to notice the numbness and tingling decrease as well!

Finally, if you have not spoken to a lawyer, it is also time to do that. Your pain and the fact that you have already missed work, tell me your accident was pretty significant.

When you have been in a significant accident, it is important to have a lawyer help you manage the insurance company, as well as help you recover your wages you missed from being out of work.

If you need more information on how to decide about hiring a lawyer, here is a page I have written to help you answer the most common questions. Click here: Deciding if you need a lawyer

While you are there, take a moment and fill out the form, it will put you in touch with a lawyer for no charge and no obligation.

Hope this helps! M.

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