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Whiplash Injury Treatment

So what exactly is whiplash injury treatment? As you may already have discovered, injuries like whiplash after a car accident do not feel like any other injury you may have had before.


If you have ever strained your back, or pulled a muscle while doing something fun, you are probably used to having some soreness, or even pain for a few days, and then fairly quickly starting to feel better. Even if you gave yourself a serious injury, you probably started feeling better within a week or two at the most?


However, whiplash is very different, and whiplash injury treatment is also very different.


Most people with whiplash will require 3 - 6 months of treatment before the injury starts to feel better. And I know that sounds like a crazy amount of time!!


To get an idea of how long your specific injury may take, look at this simple chart: how long will my whiplash symptoms last?

How Whiplash Injury Treatment is Different

You already know that your pain feels different than other minor injuries you have had. In fact you are probably a little shocked at how injured you really are.

Whiplash injury treatment is different because your body has many injuries layered on top of one another. Let me explain...


So your treatment has to address each part of this injury. When you have alot of pain, you also need someone who knows how to work on you without causing more pain, a trained therapist knows how to do this.

During car accidents, most people have injury to their soft tissues: muscles, ligaments and tendons; injuries to their nerves; and injury to their bones.

Injury to the Muscles

It is rare to have a car accident without having injured your muscles. So lets talk about this injury first. Muscle injuries are often called soft tissue injuries.


Most people describe muscle injuries like this: burning, painful, sore, throbbing, achy, stiff, tired.


So, you may have pain in your neck, or your back, in your legs, and hips anywhere you have muscles you may have an injury after this car accident. You might even really feel this pain when you touch your body, almost like touching a bruise.

Phase One: Right After the Accident

  • This is simple: ICE, REST. REPEAT. ICE, REST. REPEAT.
  • Put ice where it hurts, lay down, don't exercise
  • Don't do yard work, don't lift heavy things, REST means REST, as in lay down, stop moving for a couple days, if it hurts, ice it!!

Phase Two: Within a Week of the Accident

It is now time to get some massage treatment. Massage as in therapeutic, injury based massage.


Massage is one of the fastest ways to decrease your pain, and help you heal from these injuries.


Because massage is such a big topic, head over here for a better, longer discussion on how massage can help you heal, massage after a car accident.

Nerves and Bone Injury, Now What?

How do you even know whether or not you have an injury to a bone, or to your nerves?


Obviously this is a little harder to figure out on a website, but we can still go through a simple checklist to help you sort out what to do next.

  • Constant headaches
  • difficulty turning your head
  • numbness and tingling down your arms, and/or into your hands
  • and/ or numbness and tingling in your legs or feet

All the above symptoms deserve a visit to a chiropractor for some x-rays and evaluation, as these symptoms indicate you may have an injury to the bones or nerves in your body. (Not like a broken bone). Car accidents cause injury to the way your bones align.



Your spine is alot like a set of children's building blocks, your strength coming from it being nicely stacked up, one bone (vertebrae) on top of another.


With a strong movement, the building blocks, just like your neck and spine, will twist out of shape. When out of position, your neck is painful, and weaker.


So, if you are feeling these symptoms, or you have had a car accident and are not getting well, explore more information on chiropractic therapy for your whiplash injury treatment.

Pain Relief Gel

Pain relief gel is an excellent way to take pain relief with you wherever you go. After this many years of caring for patients in pain, I have tried pretty much everything. My hands down favorite for fast pain relief is Arnica.


For a comparison on Arnica vs Bio-Freeze, to find the best gel to get you through your pain.


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