Whiplash -Just wondering.

by Ashley
(North Charlston, SC. USA)

I have had Whiplash before, My husband and children are showing no signs of it. Though I am showing the pain, headache, and dizzy. Though our accident was very minor. Could I be affected and no one else do to me having had it had it before?

Hi Ashley, Michelle here:

Thanks for writing! So, I don't quite have enough information to be accurate about your question, but I can give you a few things to help...

If your accident was recent, it is possible the whiplash has not shown up yet in your other family members, it can take up to 10 days, even 2 weeks before whiplash becomes apparent.

Also, where you were sitting in the car can affect your injury, and finally yes having a previous injury can absolutely make it more likely you feel more of the injury...
Good Luck! Michelle

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