Whiplash - Over a year injury

by Laura


I was in a car crash with two separate impacts to my car, both from behind.

I have suffered whiplash but a few days after I felt problems with my right hip which doctors describe as my lower back rather then my hip.
I ask for ex-rays of this area because it was hurting and they found nothing wrong with it.
But over the last year, I now have majority pains down my right leg and arm, and find it hard to sit for a long time. I find that nobody really is bothered to take in this information when I tell them

I get pains in the muscles of my back the neck and the lower pain the worse but I get pains on the mid area of my spine when pressed on.
I get tension headaches, and just below the cranial the muscles cramp up alot.

The one that nobody feels is related at all is my speech, I now suffer when pronouncing 'M' words. The words seem to stick to the back of my throat in a ball. I try to continue and pretend it doesn't happen but also my short term memory has gotten worse, I can barely remember what I'm talking about while I'm talking about a subject.

I feel the speech issue is related but when I asked the doctor she said it was very unlikely.

Where can I go to help this??

Hi there Laura, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear you are having so many symptoms. The number ONE issue is you have not been treated properly!!!

First: You need to see a neurologist, straight away, no delay. If your regular doctor does not agree with you, you need either another doctor or you need to self refer. Without an exam from a neurologist, your regular doctor is not taking proper care of you. Your symptoms are real, and speech disturbances after whiplash are quite common! You need to be examined for minor head injury, and you need a specialist. Your doctor is not doing her job by pretending you don't have an issue. You may need to be assertive with her, and be prepared to go around her if she continues to pretend that you are not injured. That is inexcusable.

Second: You don't tell me if you were treated for any of your injuries... Unfortunately , if you have only seen a medical doctor for this whiplash you probably have not had the kind of treatment to help you get well, and be pain free. Having two impacts during a crash is unfortunately quite common, and can lead to many injuries. Your post tells me you have quite a few. Please seek treatment with a chiropractor, today, now immediately...

You don't post where you are writing from so I am unsure what is available to you, but in most areas you do not need to have a referral from a medical doctor to see a chiropractor. In addition a chiropractor will NOT ignore your symptoms of mild brain injury, and instead will have doctors they have worked with before to refer you to.

Third: An X-ray does NOT show soft tissue injuries, nor will an X-ray tell a medical doctor whether you have an injury to your spine, neck or back which can be corrected by a qualified chiropractor. All the X-ray will tell a medical doctor is that you have nothing broken. Soft tissues, muscles, nerves and connective tissue will not appear on an X-ray, so your medical doctor can say with certainty that you did not break anything, but that is a LONG LONG way off from addressing the very real and significant injuries you have, which STILL need treatment.

Fourth: A good chiropractor will also make sure you receive some body work, therapeutic massage, the only treatment to your muscle tissue which is the going to make your pain decrease, and make it possible for you to start feeling a whole lot BETTER!!

Finally, it does not appear that you are getting good advice from your medical doctor. Medical doctors are fantastic and they stand alone when it comes to diagnosing hundreds of diseases, and other maladies, but for soft tissue injuries, and car accident issues, in my experience some medical doctors just do not have enough training to know the progression of the injury cycle, nor do they appear in my experience to understand how the soft tissues heal. Please go see a chiropractor, and a neurologist, immediately.

You can write me back through the same place you sent this, or you can comment, and I will see it, if you need more information...

Much luck, get help!!

Sincerely, M.

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Dec 07, 2015
by: Jo

I am writing to inform you that you do need to be looked at properly as I have suffered from 2008, just to be told it's muscle spasms. I had weeks being housebound unable to do for myself.

I went to the doctor one day in 2014 demanding as good as crawling in the room, that I get and scan or xray.

Bearing in mind I had several car accidents...not 1 was my fault...and had every treatment possible.

I was then refarred to a rheumatologist who then told me I suffer with FIBROMYALGIA and sent me for a scan, as I wasn't leaving the room till I got it.

Then to be told I had a cyst in the Base of my spine and a L4/5 herniated disc.

Age 31, 2 children...I didn't expect my life to be this way. I can't work at the moment, struggle to do day to day tasks.

To feel I am finally getting somewhere...BANG...a rear end collision. This happened Friday, it is now Monday and the pain worsens as the days go by!

Please seek and push medical advice and don't leave till you are happy with the out come!

Thanks for reading...


Aug 29, 2012
don't give up! true story of fighting for answers!
by: Anonymous

I got in an accident 18 months ago. two weeks after had huge pain in my lower back and some neck pain. the pain continued. a year later many narcotics and being told I'm
crazy I found a amazing doctor. he is ortho . within minutes he found out I had a slipped vertebra . I did all the testing and found out I had a fracture too. my other doctors missed the signs you described! my symptoms are leg pain shooting, constantly having pain in lower back, numbness in right foot, trouble urinating as I can't go unless my Blatter is bursting, neck pain .I have been for over 18 months at doctors every week seen tons of specialists and my ortho doc found it without seeing a scan. I'm currently on morphine for pain and it still doesn't take it below 5. I have issues standing for too long, sitting is killer, sleep on my couch and if this can help anyone else please don't stop until you know. I got told I would never know why I have this and it's the rest of my life. I now have surgery booked for dec. I have a chance at a semi normal life again and why because one doctor finally stopped and helped after I begged him to help me and not give up. don't ever take 90 percent of back issues are undiagnosed! fight to keep your life I fought and 18 months later I'm about to have surgey to help me! I'm 23 years old I am a nurse, I do for others for a living, told I can't have children because I could end up a vegetable and with my meds my child would be drug dependent on drugs. my family and my doctors all thought I was seeking pain meds when all I was doing was making sure they knew I won't stop until
I know! I didn't stop I went hours out of my city for answers and I finally got it.

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