I was hit from the side June 6th-12 and have whiplash. I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments twice per week & massage once per week, with some improvement but not alot.
As it has been over 3 months now I have just received acupuncture and taking a mixture provided by a naturopathic doctor for inflammation. Also since the accident have been taking curcumin instead of seeing my family doctor for pain medication.

Do you have any suggestions for other ways to expedite the healing process?


Hi there, Michelle here…

So you are at 3 months post accident. This is the the first marker that I look for in treating my patients. At this point I look to see progress.

Progress as in, decreased overall pain, increased range of motion, fewer headaches, less reliance on pain medication, sleeping better, and overall I want to see my patient feeling better.

If the accident was minor, I do expect my patients to be nearing the end of their treatment by 3 months.

For a medium to serious accident, 3 months is only the first marker for change.
I think its really normal to feel like your healing is taking too long, or to feel like you are not getting better.

I am not sure if you saw this section on the site, but it might give you a better idea of where your accident fits and how long to expect it to take to heal: healing fter an accident.

This is one of the most common experiences we hear from patients who have been in car accidents, the sense that they are never going to get better, or that it’s just taking too long. From what you have told me, you are right on track, and doing every single thing I would recommend to my patients.

Soft tissue injuries take longer to heal than broken bones. This is an extremely odd but true fact of the injury cycle. A broken bone will be knitted back together at 6 weeks. The pain will be mostly if not fully gone by the time the bone has fully knitted. The resulting pain most folks experience after a break is to the soft tissue that was also injured.

With whiplash, you can’t just put a cast on the sore tissue. You can’t stop using your neck and back. You are even using the muscles of your neck and back when you are asleep.

Everything you do, from driving to sitting, to laying down, the muscles of your back and neck are working. This adds a layer of complication to the healing process. Although to be fair, we found out many years ago that completely immobilizing someone with whiplash was worse as the tissue would weaken and atrophy.

The real answer is patience. And if you feel like throwing something at the screen with this answer, that is more than fair! It feels like a non-answer. But truly, you have a few more months to go before the light at the end of your proverbial tunnel makes itself known. I think adding in some meditation or self hypnosis could be a very good addition to all you are doing.

Self hypnosis/deep meditation can work wonders for pain and inflammation, and you may find this accelerates your healing and helps you reduce your pain.

A good friend of mine teaches self hypnosis and I have taken her courses and use these techniques in my own life. If you want to consider this, her site is here: Mind To Succeed, she has an upcoming webinar on the Silva method which I highly recommend... just a thought.

Be well,

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